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Former Generations actress Asanda Foji has launched a YouTube channel

Asanda Foji

It seems that former Generations: The Legacy actress Asanda Foji has taken up a new hobby, or is looking at exploring her presenting abilities, with a new YouTube channel. The star, who is currently in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, is looking at entering the presenter’s club and has taken to creating her own platform to showcase her “skill”.

Asanda Foji

Her new YouTube show called Life Tab shows Asanda attempting to tackle taboo subjects or topics that are otherwise not openly discussed.

Asanda Foji

Her first episode had an interesting topic: it asked random people if they think a side-chick “strengthens or breaks” a relationship.

“Do side-chicks make or break committed relationship?” Asanda asked. “I personally think they do (break), especially when the side-chick starts jumping up and down and not knowing her place.”

Asanda Foji

It was a tad bit awkward when her post didn’t get as much interaction online. So she took to the streets.

Watch the show below.

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