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Trouble in paradise as rapper Flame’s Girlfriend exposed for cheating on Him

Trouble in paradise as rapper Flame’s Girlfriend exposed for cheating on Him! When the pair had a little exchange on social media, fans knew that there was trouble in paradise for lovers Ashleigh Ogle and rapper Flame.

The couple has been at the forefront of the debate which seeks to find answers at what exactly happened between the A Reece and Flame, that eventually split The Wrecking Crew.

Ashleigh who is Ex Global’s ex-girlfriend has been accused of cheating on rapper Flame. This comes after A Reece dropped some hints on his songs.

Ashleigh Ogle and Flame

“What you expect to hear when niggas ask me about Flame?…I was there before the money, she would never say the same…How could you stick around and let her have her own way?…She even go as far as throwing dirt on my name…How you let her come between us and the records that we made?”

Ashleigh even threw shade at A Reece’s relationship with his girlfriend when fans told them to act mature and stop bickering on Twitter. A follower likened a mature relationship to be that of Reece and his girl Rickelle Jones. She responded by saying “You call that a relationship?” Yoh!”

Recently files have been dropped to prove rumours of Ashleigh’s two-timing ways to be true.

Ashleigh Ogle and Flame

Flame jumped on the beef between The Big Hash and J Molley. The rappers have been going at each other through diss tracks and tweets, of which Flame collaborated with Hash on his second diss track directed at Molley.

J Molley’s manager did not take Flame involving himself in the beef lightly and dropped some major files on his girl. Claiming that she is one of them and has been cheating on him with other guys.

“So @FlvmeSA got involved cause I told him that his girl is actually OUR girl. Funny Bro I told you imma show you the rest of the videos she sent me in person why’s it weird now ?!” he tweetd before coming with the receipts.

Social media had a field day with Flame, laughing at him and mocking him for staying with a girl who he was warned about.

In other news – #Isibaya – S.e.x scene was just too much

Last night’s episode of Mzansi Magic’s Isibaya left many wishing they could “un-hear and un-see” what happened. Besides the fact that the whole episode was made up of three actors only, the Dam-Dam & Vava scene left the drama’s fans traumatized.


The teaser of the episode on Isibaya’s official Twitter page which read, “Dam Dam and Vava Voom’s love is not on lockdown,” got viewers glued to their screens but the scene left them embarrassed and they want an apology. continue reading

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