Home Entertainment Twitter gives thumbs up to this Ancestors wedding #OurPerfectWedding

Twitter gives thumbs up to this Ancestors wedding #OurPerfectWedding

Ancestors wedding

Ivy met Edward at the bus stop one morning, way back in 2006. Being a newbie in the neighbourhood, she asked about the bus route and luckily, he was heading the same direction. Although they boarded the bus, they didn’t sit together on the bus. Ivy thought Edward was handsome and told her son, whom she was travelling with that day. Edwards was very excited to have finally got a chance to chat with her, even though she was merely asking for directions.

Their paths crossed again one day when she bumped into him on the same bus. She had actually knocked off early that day to run a few errands in town before heading home. This time around, Edward asked her to come sit with him. The couple soon became friends and would take the same bus every day. This went on for about a year and it was only then that Ivy agreed to starting a relationship with him.

Ancestors wedding


Ivy is a traditional healer. Their relationship started just after she returned from initiation school and she would sometimes do incantations, cry and have moos swings. Edward admits this was a bit scary for him in the beginning. But they’ve grown stronger together and now they do everything together because he also has a spiritual calling. Edward loves her pure heart and she loves the fact that he’s everything to her, a friend, cousin, husband etc.

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