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Lerato Sengadi and Kayise Ngqula Join forces to Inspire Widow


Widows Kayise Ngqula and Lerato Sengadi recently took to Instagram live to share their experiences with love and loss to inspire those in Mzansi who might be dealing with similar situations. Mzansi is under lockdown and during this period some people have been alone and the two ladies had an inspiring conversation aimed at bringing a dose of healing to those who need it most. Both Kayise and Lerato have lost their partners, the former Our Perfect Wedding host lost her husband last year in a car crash and a year earlier Lerato lost her husband HHP to suicide.

Lerato Sengadi

The two ladies have formed quite the bond and are almost like family, with Kayise acknowledging that family isn’t always who you’re born with. Sometimes it’s beyond blood and it carries a significant bond. Kayise reflected back on how she first saw her late husband at a pizza place and instantly fell in love.

Kayise Ngqula

“Our relationship was fun and loving. We always had a special connection that could not be disturbed by anyone or anything. Lerato expressed how the lockdown period had led her to sit down and deal with the loss of her husband. This coping question is so layered. It’s coping with Covid and also the loss of my husband. This is the first time since Jabba’s passing that I’ve had time to sit down quietly and say … because from the moment he passed away I’ve always been on fight mode. So, this is the first time that I’ve had time to reflect and grieve.

Lerato explained that God had put the lockdown for her to take time and breathe, as she needed to take a timeout from all that she was trying to fight for. Kayise expressed how she was using the lockdown time to become a better person and how she was unpacking what grief was.

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Israel Matseke-Zulu

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