Home Entertainment Fans are seriously worried about A- Reece and Flame

Fans are seriously worried about A- Reece and Flame

A- Reece and Flame

A-Reece and former friend Flame got into a confrontation that nearly got out of hand recently. The pair were filmed on camera getting into it but fortunately, it doesn’t look like anyone exchanged blows.


– Fans are worried about Flame, this is the second time he got into a violent incident
Flame and A-Reece used to be part of The Wrecking Crew but things didn’t work out and now the two aren’t exactly seeing eye to eye. Very recently, the pair was caught on camera in a run-in that almost got out of hand. Fortunately, it looks like A-Reece and Flame didn’t get physical.

A- Reece and Flame
The muso was caught on camera taking a man by his shirt and giving him a stinging clap Although some fans believe Flame had reason to be upset, many others feel he should have reacted more.

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