Emtee open to working with A-Reece & others after Ambitiouz Entertainment exit

Now that he has left his former label Ambitiouz Entertainment, rapper Emtee is open for business and everyone is invited.

This includes A-Reece, who apparently had a fallout with.

After he announced last week that he was leaving Ambitiouz, Emtee told Zkhiphani he was open to working with any artist that came knocking.

Emtee and A-Reece were once tight and even collaborated on a song together. But their relationship went through the most when Emtee vocally criticised A-Reece and others when they left Ambitiouz in 2017.


Emtee said this week that just because he had criticised them didn’t mean he doesn’t want to work with them.

“My frustration was just that these people left. It means that there’s something they know that they didn’t tell us. So y’all are just leaving us here? I was just mad about that. I was like’ if y’all gonna be like that, be like that.

“I feel like music is greater than words of exchange. Just because I said ‘F you’ yesterday, it don’t mean I shouldn’t work with you.”

A-Reece has not responded to Emtee’s comments but speaking to Pearl Thusi on Behind the Story earlier this year he opened up about Emtee wanting to leave the label long ago.

“I’m gonna put it out how it is. You see, Emtee, he had the same feelings I had about the label and his were probably worse because they were bottled in. I remember we had a show in PLK and I was with him in the Van. It was me, him and Flame and he was like ‘yoh, you can’t even be an artist as yourself in this label because you are marginalized. I think I am going to leave sooner than I thought’– those were his words, ” Reece said.

He also told Slikour On Life that he would only work with artists if it “makes sense”.

“I don’t do features for the sake of just doing them. But if they make sense I would.”

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