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Fitness Bunny Asanda Foji’s sweet message to her b#tt

Asanda Foji

Fitness Bunny Asanda Foji‘s sweet message to her b#tt. The actress turned fitness bunny is having a good time of her life. Staying in Amsterdam right now she is enjoying her life and we are happy for her. She is living her best life in the Netherlands and she had some sweet message for her b#tt. We all know she loves to stay fit and she loves hitting the gym. Check the pictures and the message she had…

The Irony of Life:- While I’m trying to lose some of my behind fat, some people are paying big chunks of money to have it… This shows that what’s significant to you might not be as significant to someone else;

All the more reasons why we need to acknowledge and accept the fact that we’re different and that’s ok! We seriously need to value and respect each other more than anything!!! Working out is damn hard but results are everything!!! The lovely day ahead guys and girls💫

There are people In life who have from a young age just easily got and still get what they want, who have never suffered and that’s fine because that’s their path… Then there’s us: who have to bleed, sweat and cry tears to make sure we get everything we’ve never had, and that’s ok too because we were created to be testimonies for

The Glory of God and how do we do that if we don’t go through the fire and most importantly if it’s not us who else has to be as tough as us. Embrace your path with strength. I love you guys, blessed weekend💫 #student #studenting #godblessyou