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Woman lucky to be alive after being hit by an axe by fellow street vendor

Bloody axe/hatchet

A woman was left with two gaping wounds on her head which required 12 stitches after she was attacked with an axe by a storming fellow street vendor following a brawl.

Alice Mashaba, 46, from Tembisa on the East Rand, says she is lucky to be alive after she was rescued by her male customers who were able to grab her raging attacker before pulling the axe away from her hands on Saturday.

Speaking to Sowetan, Mashaba said she sells fat cakes every morning to taxi and train commuters at the Jet Park train station in Boksburg.

“I arrived at the station and set up my stall, but I later realised that I was missing my house keys. So, I asked another lady to look after my fat cakes and sell them for me while I went back home to look for my keys. I did not know this would spark a war,” said Mashaba.

Mashaba said her attacker objected to her leaving her fat cakes with the woman and then started an argument. “I tried to keep my cool because I didn’t understand the cause of the problem.

Alice Mashaba

“However, when I told her to back off because it was none of her business, she fumed and began slapping me. I tried fighting back and she pulled out an axe from her stall and chased me until she managed to hit me twice at the back of my head. I could feel the blood flowing down my back,” said Mashaba.

Mashaba said she collapsed and later woke up in hospital. “Doctors said I was lucky to have survived the attack. The edge of the axe missed my brain and only slightly fractured my skull. I only sustained the tearing of the skin and tissue damage,” Mashaba explained.

Alice Mashaba

Police spokesperson Const Justice Ramaube said the police are searching for Mashaba’s assailant.

He said they were following positive leads and should make arrests soon.

Eyewitness Thandi Radebe said Mashaba’s attacker was a bully.

“We have banned her from continuing to sell here,” said Radebe.


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