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Farting is healthy: Here are 3 reasons why you should not be shy to fart in public


It’s often deemed embarrassing and disgusting, especially if it’s done in public and leaves an unpleasant lasting scent.

Now despite the above sentiments, experts agree that farting, aka cutting the cheese or passing gas, is healthy.

Your body naturally produces gas as part of breaking down and processing food.

You also swallow air when eating, chewing, or swallowing.

All of this gas and air builds up in your digestive system.

Some of it is absorbed naturally, but the remaining gas needs to be released in some way, either as a fart or a burp.

Now, why is this healthy?

Firstly, farting is a sign that your body, specifically your digestive tract, is working perfectly.

Secondly, it also gives one an idea of how balanced their diet is.

A diet that includes lean proteins, vegetables, fruit, and grains is considered balanced and healthy, yet it will also produce gas.

Lastly, it’s a smelly indication that there might be something wrong in the human body.

It might be a food intolerance or rarely can be a sign of a more serious issue, such as colon cancer.

-daily sun

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