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Fans split over Tall Ass Mo’s daughter for not speaking an African language

Mome Mahlangu

Fans of Tall Ass Mo and Mome Mahlangu‘s reality show were nearly in civil war mode on Thursday night over whether it was right that the couple’s daughter Khumo appears to not speak an African language.

Mome and Mongezi Mahlangu

Her parents speak to her in English and some of the show’s fans had a problem with it.

They said sis should be taught to embrace her roots and speak vernac. Both Khumo and her parents don’t seem too phased by it, especially because Khumo has bigger plans to “move out” of the house soon.

Mome Mahlangu

She had fans giggling with her cute antics and sharp wit. While many were stanning over her, others took to Twitter to make their feelings known on the whole language issue. Of course, there were also those who said Khumo should be allowed to live her life like she wants.

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Gengezi Mgidlana

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Source: Timeslive