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Fans react to Moozlie’s car crash

Nomuzi Mabena

Fans react to Moozlie’s car crash. Fans were left distraught on Thursday night after the 26-year-old star seemingly crashed her car while driving and live streaming with fans.

Twitter slammed rapper and TV personality Moozlie on Friday after she took to social media to reveal that the alleged car crash that sent shockwaves through social media was, in fact, a drunk driving awareness campaign.

The short video was widely shared on social media as fans feared the worst. Some fans, however, questioned the legitimacy of the crash and speculated that it might’ve been an elaborate “don’t text and drive” campaign. And they were right.

Nomuzi Mabena

More than 12 hours after sending social media into a frenzy, Moozlie took to Twitter to reveal that she had partnered with Volkswagen and Drive Dry “to make a change in 2019”.

She wrote: “I partnered with @Volkswagen and @DriveDry to make a change in 2019. We don’t want to see another year where thousands of lives are lost on our roads because of drinking & driving”.

Fans, however, were unimpressed by her big reveal and slammed the “Victory” hitmaker and the car manufacturer for wasting their time. On Twitter user wrote: “Yati, I’m in Swaziland and woke up to you being in a car crash. I was so hurt, I had to remind myself that I wasn’t even your friend or anything. Next time I won’t even bother. (sic)”

While another slammed Moozlie and Volkswagen for “playing around with death”: “This is disappointing. Probably could’ve been done in a different way. Death isn’t something to play around with (sic)”


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Source: IOL News