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Moozlie channels MaBrrr on cover art & Twitter goes crazy


In 2016, Moozlie aka Nomuzi Mabena, caused a Twitter meltdown after she compared herself to the legendary Vulindlela hitmaker.

Y’all remember how you were outraged by rapper Moozlie saying that she is the young MaBrrr? Well, if her latest single artwork is anything to go by, she’s still on that steez and ain’t letting go anytime soon!


Y’all remember this, right?


Fast forward to vandag and the star unveiled her latest official artwork for her single Vatel this week. Proving that she won’t be swayed from her quest to embody the spirit of Mabrrr, she used an image of the icon on the cover art.


To be honest, we think it’s great that the rapper is immortalising Brenda… not that anyone will ever forget the legend, but you know.

However, the reaction was quite split this time around, with many loving the original MaBrrr picture and other being on the fence about it.




In an interview with TshisaLIVE earlier this year, Moozlie explained her strategy for her upcoming album, claiming it is all about women empowerment.

Side note: Brenda was all about that too… see a pattern here? Thanks.

“There’s a lot being said about why women should not get certain opportunities. But all these stories about us aren’t told by us. So we need to go ahead and tell our own stories. Because there’s a need for them and people haven’t heard them from us before. So (young girls) shouldn’t hold back, because being female is their super power.”

Source: Times Live



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