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Enhle Mbali launches a podcast to help guests deal with past issues

Enhle Mbali

Enhle Mbali has joined forces with Touch HD to debut her podcast titled, Sincerely Yours, a press statement revealed on Tuesday. The pre-recorded show, which will also have a video element to it, will air twice a month and will “unpack meaningful and powerful topics faced by everyday people through the eyes of esteemed guests.

Enhle Mbali

Speaking about her new venture, Enhle said: “The idea is to move forward with nothing but a renewed spirit that all starts with facing yourself.”

Enhle Mbali
Sincerely Yours “unpacks a candid letter that each guest on the show writes about themselves to themselves based on four questions. The host and the guest will then discuss the letter and dive into the context of it,” the statement further explains.

Enhle Mbali

After reading their letter, the guest will then be asked to write another one to their future self, which they will read on a later date. The idea is to get people to face issues in their lives head-on, with the hope of overcoming them.

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