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Eliminated Adrian Chetty shares what he learned from #SurvivorSA


“I went in knowing I would have to be a different person to who I am in real life. I knew I had to do whatever it took to win the game, even if that meant lying and being sneaky.”

Ace went in aiming to play the role of an underdog but found himself a target from the very first tribal council. After 11 days on the island, his luck ran out, but Survivor South Africa’s Ace, whose real name is Adrian Chetty, has no regrets.


And he did. When the tribes were told to drop their buffs and new alliances had to be formed, Ace had a mark on his back. Again.

That didn’t stop him from fighting and on the day of the tribal council, he frantically searched for a hidden immunity idol, telling tribe members that he was building a heat panel for the fire. LOL.

“Adrian is kind and loving. I wouldn’t hurt people or lie to them. I had to mentally prepare myself going in.” Besides losing about 7kgs during the game, Adrian said the game has changed his life in the sense that he has become more outgoing.

Adrian Survivor SA


“Before Survivor, my life was pretty boring. I had a set routine. Now my family and I are involved in more adventures. We go hiking and do different things.” As for who his money is on to win the game? “Werner. He’s got a great personality and people don’t realise he is a threat.”

So, yes, food was in short supply and comfort was not a priority. But Adrian has come back a changed man, and a better one at that.

Source: Times Live