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Eleven perish in Rustenburg Impala Mine winder rope incident

Eleven people have died at Impala Platinum Mine in Rustenburg in the North West following a tragic incident last night. The mining company says a number of people sustained serious injuries during a serious safety incident at their operations in Rustenburg.

Indications are that a winder rope at the company’s 11 shaft snapped. This rope is connected to a personnel conveyer which hoists employees up and down the shaft. The company spokesperson, Johan Theron, says 80 workers were affected and they are this morning wrapping up the rescue operation.

“Tragically, 11 people have succumbed to their injuries. 42 have been admitted to hospital at this stage in Rustenburg and it looks like there were around 80 people at the time of the incident in the conveyer system.”

Over 100 miners are reportedly still trapped underground. Emergency personnel are currently at the scene trying to rescue the trapped workers.

Source: eNCA

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