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We need a re-election – DIP leader says elections were rigged

There’s been a furore at the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC)’s Western Cape results centre where an irate party leader interrupted its final media briefing, demanding answers from provincial electoral officer Michael Hendrickse.

Hendrickse was about to take questions from reporters when the president of the Democratic Independent Party (DIP), Anwar Adams, shouted that the elections had been irregular and should be re-run.

The briefing grounded to a halt as Adams and his associates continued to direct a stream of invective at Hendrickse and the IEC.

Before he was so rudely interrupted, Hendrickse reported that while 90.8% of result slips had been captured and verified, the outcome for the Cape Town metro was still outstanding and only likely later on Wednesday.

Hendrickse said all local municipalities outside of Cape Town had been finalized, with 15 hung councils and nine with majority parties – mostly the Democratic Alliance (DA) – in control.

Hendrickse did not give a turnout figure, saying he could only do this once the Cape metro result was in.

He was ready to take questions when there was an uproar: “We are going to get answers in six months, we need answers today. How can you tell me you’re closed when there are still votes that need to come through? What are you still planning?”

Adams continued shouting for several minutes: “You’re not doing what you should be doing where the electorate is concerned. This goes for you, the IEC, and Icasa.”

He said there was a meeting where his party was promised slots on radio and TV but nothing came of that.

“It was far from fair. Who were you, as the IEC, in bed with? When you tell me that campaigning stops at this time, but these parties , you know who they are, come with their music and offer people T-shirts on the day of election… this election was rigged. We need a re-election.”

IEC officials declared the briefing over and played the national anthem, but that had little effect in quieting the angry Adams.


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