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Easing of blackouts not an election ploy, says Ramokgopa

The Electricity Minister says the recent continuous power supply is not an election ploy.

Kgosientsho Ramakgopa says ideas like that make no sense.

He says power plants are made up of complex machinery that can’t simply be switched on and off.

He was giving an update on the energy action plan after 13 days without scheduled blackouts.

“These machines are so complex that you can’t just switch them on and off as you please.

“That is why I have taken the liberty since my appointment to ensure that they carry the general public and they are updated on the work that they are doing so there is nothing new that I’m saying except that we continue to see that improvement,” he said.

“I do not understand that logic because we know that load-shedding is devastating on the economy of the country and has placed people out of employment.

“If the intention was for the governing party to win elections, then there wouldn’t be load-shedding in the first place because we want the industry to thrive and we know that load-shedding is a major subtraction on the electoral prospect of the incoming government.”


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