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Eight arrested following Brackenfell chaos #EFFInBrackenfell

Brackenfell chaos

Eight people have been arrested at Brackenfell in Cape Town’s northern suburbs on charges of public violence after chaos broke as hundreds of EFF supporters protested against alleged racism at the Brackenfell High School.

Police used teargas, stun grenades and a water cannon to control hundreds of EFF supporters. The party had earlier secured a permit from the City of Cape Town for 100 people to protest.
Police spokesperson, FC Van Wyk says one member of the public was injured when he tried to disrupt the protest. He was arrested on a charge of incitement.

Brackenfell chaos

“As the protesters dispersed they were throwing stones at all Law Enforcement agencies as well as businesses. Several SAPS, Law Enforcement vehicles, windows of businesses as well as private vehicles were damaged. The crowd has since dispersed and the situation in the area is still being monitored. Our forces will remain in the area until we are satisfied that the situation has stabilised.”

In other news – Tutu Foundation condemns Brackenfell leadership

The Desmond and Leah Tutu Legacy Foundation says racial divisions in Brackenfell High School are the result of leadership failure. Learn more

Source: sabcnews