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Protesters speak up as chaos erupts at Brackenfell school

Chaotic scenes broke out outside Brackenfell High School on Friday morning. A march against racial discrimination violent was dispersed by police using water cannons and teargas.

The march, organised by the Economic Freedom Fighters, was permitted to take place under the condition it was limited to 100 people.

Buses of protesters gathered in Brackenfell to participate in far greater numbers than the allowed 100.

Brackenfell High School

The gathering stems from a matric dance hosted for only white pupils at this school in Cape Town.

One EFF supporter said he was not informed of any limit to the gathering, saying in South Africa it is usual for people to come out in their numbers during a protest.

A resident of the area who was in the area said, “we are here to support and protect. We are residents, our kids go to school here. For me, I don’t want issues, we don’t want war, we don’t want trouble.

“We just want to see that everything goes as planned because my house is just up the road. We want to see that SAPS is doing their job and that our properties and everything around is safe.

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