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Uganda denies Ebola outbreak in country

Ebola outbreak

Uganda’s government has denied that there has been an outbreak of Ebola in the country following earlier reports in Mubende district and as new cases are reported in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

“We would like to inform the public that there is no Ebola outbreak in Mubende district or any other part of the country,” Uganda’s Daily Monitor quoted state minister for health Sarah Opendi as saying.

Ebola outbreak

Leading Ebola expert, Håkon Bolkan told Express.co.uk: “The outbreak is definitely not under control yet.

“Within the following few weeks, we can expect surveillance to become more reliable and we will be able to know for sure if the number of new cases is more than those cured/dies.”

The DRC’s government announced the Ebola outbreak on May 8 after a series of suspected cases were reported to the ministry of health

Source: eNCA