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Earthquake of magnitude 5.9 strikes Eastern New Guinea region: EMSC

A magnitude 5.9 earthquake struck Eastern New Guinea region on Saturday, the European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre (EMSC) said.

The quake struck at a depth of 104 km (64 miles) below the Earth’s surface, the EMSC said, revising an earlier report that put the depth at 109 km.

There were no immediate reports of any injuries or damage from the earthquake.

Source: SABC

In other news – Musa Khawula comes for Anele Mdoda and her son, Alakhe

Musa Khawula insulting Anele Mdoda and her seven-year-old son Alakhe shocked viewers who believed the controversial blogger was out of line in his latest rant. In the clip, Khawula made his views known when he bashed Alakhe, saying that he was not a fan of the little boy.

So anyway, we are just going to move on and talk about Anele Mdoda’s son Alakhe right? I don’t like that f***ing child and that fat a** mother, by the way. Khawula’s views come off the back of Alakhe’s nomination for the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Award. Learn more