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Reasons why women moan during s.e.x

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If you have ever visited a theme park, you’ll grow fond of the noise that’s made by people who go on those crazy rides.

You often hear people scream at the top of their lungs in the name of fun and excitement.

The same analogy can be used when we try to understand why women moan during s.e.x.

According to certified s.e.x coach and author Gigi Engle, you’re moaning because you’re enjoying yourself during s.e.x.

“When we’re feeling pleasure, we start to lose control over our bodies. The somatic nervous system takes a back seat and we can’t control the sounds that come out as a result.”

According to the Hindustan Times, a woman’s vocal expressions during or after s.e.x might not often correspond with her 0rgasm.

According to a new study, women usually moan because they want more of that s.e.xual experience.

A new study from the University of Central Lancashire has revealed the noise a woman might make during s.e.x may have to do with her partner.

The study found that a woman’s copulatory vocalizations are made most often before her climax or during her partner’s.

Simply put, like a grand piano, women need to be touched in the right places for them to make that beautiful sound.

-daily sun

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