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Dubai International Airport will return to full capacity within 24 hours: COO

Dubai International Airport will return to its full operational capacity within 24 hours, Dubai Airports Chief Operating Officer Majed Al Joker told state news agency WAM on Thursday. The hub has struggled to clear a backlog of flights in the aftermath of heavy rain that swamped the United Arab Emirates on Tuesday.

“Once operations are back to normal, we will assess the damages and would be able to give figure for the size of losses,” Al Joker told Al Arabiya TV in a televised interview.

Meanwhile, Dubai on Thursday was slowly recovering from heavy floods record-level rainfall and residents in one of the city’s communities have been still struggling to save their flooded homes, wading through water and using inflatable boats and paddle boards to get around.

Flooding has trapped residents in traffic, offices and homes. Many reported leaks at their homes, while footage circulated on social media showed malls overrun with water pouring from roofs.

One resident, Rinku Makhecha, who has one child and lives with other members of the family, moved into her newly furnished home two weeks ago when the floods hit. She was back on Thursday having already evacuated the family, waiting for the workmen to drain the water. She filmed the damage to her house on her phone.

“The water level just kept rising, it was coming out of our drainage basically, so we are guessing that there is some kind of blockage, which the guys of the authorities are here clearing it out,” Makhecha said.

Emergency services were working hard to clear waterlogged roads using fire trucks to pump out the water all over the city which has been brought to a near standstill whilst people assess the damage to their homes and businesses following the rare and epic rainstorm that swamped the United Arab Emirates.

Dubai International Airport, a major travel hub, struggled to clear a backlog of flights and many roads were still flooded in the aftermath of Tuesday’s deluge.

The rains were the heaviest experienced by the Gulf state in the 75 years that records have been kept. They brought much of the country to a standstill and caused significant damage.

Source: eNCA

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