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Drugs kill 8-year-old kid

According to New York Post, Curtis Collman III (8) woke up early in their home in Indiana, America on 21 June and told his dad Curtis Gilbert Collman II (41), that he was hungry.

A junkie is facing the wrath of the law after his hungry son ate the pile of tik that he left lying on a plate.

His dad said there was nothing to eat in the house, but little Curtis came across a plate with a pile of tik on it. Tik is brownish and could be mistaken for cereal.

Food and poison

The boy gobbled the whole lot down. By 10 am Collman II noticed that Curtis was feeling sick and called a female friend to come and check him out?

But when the friend said they need to urgently call an ambulance, Collman II freaked out.

He allegedly ripped her cell phone away, pointed a gun at her head and screamed, “I’m not going back to prison,” the Seymour Tribune reported.

Threatening to shoot her, Collman II then picked Curtis up and rushed to his parent’s house, according to WAVE-TV.

Soon after they arrived, Curtis started turning blue. In a panic, his granddad called for an ambulance, but Curtis died soon after arriving at the Schneck Medical Center.

This week, toxicology results were released. The Seymour Tribune reported that the child had consumed a massive amount of tik – about 180 times the amount of a lethal dosage.

Collmann II faces a pile of charges, including neglect that led to the death of a dependent and possession of meth.

Curtis’ heartbroken gogo, Rita Cook, told ABC-WLOX: “We all wake up in the morning thinking about him and we go to sleep at night thinking about him. He was just a good little boy.”

Source: Daily Sun

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