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Dr Malinga’s #MalwedheChallenge will leave you in stitches: Video

Dr Malinga’s #MalwedeChallenge will leave you in stitches: Video. He is known for his crazy antics when he is performing on stage. He has made so many performances that have gone viral, from dancing with his crew to even fans on stage. So it was not a surprise when he pulled the #MalwedheChallenge and ooh man he did it perfectly.

He has a history of releasing hit songs that makes people not to sleep so when his fans ask we were not shocked too. Fans ask Dr Malinga, are we sleeping this year? And he replies with new song. Sleep is for the dead. It’s a saying Dr Malinga lives by.

Dr Malinga It’s a saying he will be remembered for. ‘Sleep for what? Sleep for who?’isn’t just his signature, but also the secret ingredient to making some chart-topping hits. While most of our favourite tunes are about love, Dr Malinga’s hits are all about not sleeping.

It was bound to happen, l mean the #MalwedeChallange coming from Dr Malinga A few months ago, the Angilalanga Izolo hit-maker had fans shook with a video taken from one of his performances. It showed Dr Malinga and one of his fans dry humping each other on stage. The king of kicks, Dr Malinga never ceases to amaze us with his on-stage antics. And his fans, it appears are just as unpredictable as he is.

Check how he did it this time video below:


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