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Dr Malinga’s performance with a fan goes viral: Video

Whether it’s his hilarious facial expressions, his high kicks or his sheer energy, Malinga can sure captivate an audience. The king of kicks, Dr Malinga never seizes to amaze us with his on-stage antics.

We thought we had seen it all from the Angilalanga Izolo hit-maker, but it seems like we were wrong.

Dr Malinga

Yesterday, Malinga had fans shook with a video taken from his latest performance. In the video, Malinga and a fan are seen dry humping each other on stage in front of the audience.

Since he posted the video, people have been on a mission to give this so-called dance a name.

Watch it below:

It’s not his first time to do this. At the #VDJ2018 he put up another performance similar to this one. He wrote: I was minding own business online when I came across this picture from Eyadini Lounge. In the picture popular musician, Dr Malinga is dancing with this amazing curvy beauty…

So we wait and see which name will be given to this dance as we heard.

Source: Daily Sun

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