Don’t clip Caster Semenya’s wings

Don’t clip Caster Semenya’s wings. An argument has been advanced that if Caster Semenya is to compete as she is, she would be better suited to competing against Man. This gives weaker Man the chance to advance an argument that their biological reality is such that they should compete against Woman. This trend can get a lot more complex and complicated in other sporting codes.

The challenge is that if you argue a humanity-issue scientifically, it will really be difficult to be consistent. The move to be consistent will be embarrassing for targeted athletes, and inhumane.

So, it’s not that the IAAF can’t see these potential conflicts and complications, where every athlete will, by principle, have to be tested to confirm their scientific suitability to compete where they are competing.

Caster Semenya

Science is just being used as a cover-up for prejudice, racism, regionalism, homophobia and a form of superiority complex. Which are qualities of a barbarian?

Barbarians are very discriminatory towards people who don’t look like them, sound like them, walk like them and cultured like them.

Human beings are historically barbarians and humans lived proudly as barbarians. But humans have evolved rapidly and as humans, we have learnt to live with other humans who are different to us in every aspect.

Human ills like racism, homophobia, sexism, regionalism etc are a consequence of this barbaric human behaviour. The remnants of human barbarians and those who are leading the IAAF have not blended into the civilised humanity, they are still unrefined barbaric humans who enslaved Woman for sex and Black people for labour.

Caster Semenya looks different and it is probably not only the IAAF that is judging her; barbarians across the world are probably judgemental of her.

It is not Caster Semenya who needs help, but the IAAF. The leadership of the IAAF is the one that needs to be examined; they carry around with them human intelligence, however, they are only conscious of their animal capacities, preying on the weak.

These people have asked themselves, who is Caster Semenya to be faster than our children? She is a child of God made in his image.

Allow Caster Semenya to shine, humans come and go, Caster won’t run forever, but this is her time to shine, allow her to outshine you. Allow yourself to call her the greatest athlete in the world.

Let her shine a little for she does not know glamour. She is a rural girl whose parents grew up in an apartheid South Africa with restrictions on their movement and questions on their status as humans.

Why clip the wings of the most vulnerable? Their wings are all they have. * Sekgala is the president of Self-Sustainable Communities (NPC) and head of the Polotiki Institute.

Source: IOL News

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