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Dominant or submissive? Find out your s.e.xual style!

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When it comes to satisfying your s.e.xual appetite, there are countless avenues that can be explored – from basic to kinky.

Whichever floats your boat, you can bet your personality traits and day-to-day activities influence your decision. The way we express ourselves between the sheets says a lot about our lifestyles and who we are.


There’s plenty that can be said about the ‘femme fatales’ who fall into this category – those who are outgoing, ready to embark on new adventures. These are the types of women who don’t hold back when it comes to broadening their s.e.xual horizons.

They’re the first to suggest the use of toys . “It’s the open-minded and outgoing women with a lot of energy who are more open to mixing things up a bit and trying new experiences,” says America-based s.e.x and relationship expert Rebecca Dakin.

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This is the shy woman, the one who is concerned with their own thoughts and feelings rather than with external things.

“Someone who is quiet, who likes routine and for things to be a certain way is going to be less expressive in the bedroom and less open to experimenting,” Dakin says.

They tend to be s.e.xually driven by emotional connections and usually have fewer s.e.xual partners.


More and more professional women in power are bringing their work tension home. “The stress of a job is one of the biggest things that can affect the libido,” Dakin says. But some get such a thrill out of working that they enjoy recreating this feeling in the bedroom.

“You might work in finance or have a job that gives you adrenaline from making money. These are the sorts of people who like very spontaneous s.e.x, whether they’re in a relationship or not, because it’s another way of getting that buzz,” Dakin adds.


As if dealing with dirty dishes and snotty noses wasn’t enough, you’re supposed to muster up enough energy to put on a convincing show in the bedroom as well. “Often when women feel stressed with what’s going on in the house, they’ll make excuses not to have s.e.x,” Dakin says.

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Couples who are raising families have double the responsibilities, leading many to avoid s.e.x altogether. “If you’re thinking about the kids then you should keep your s.e.x life healthy because by detaching s.e.xually from your partner, you’re rocking the family foundation. Kids pick up on the relationship between their parents. Find a way to make it work.

Get a family member to look after the children every couple of weeks and have a date night to keep that connection,” Dakin says. Try to remember the important role that s.e.x plays in a relationship.


The average woman has s.e.x with eight partners in her lifetime – double that of 20 years ago. The actions of a single, s.e.xually liberated woman can speak volumes about their self-esteem.

“Often women that have a lot of promiscuous s.e.x are the ones that are confident with themselves as people. They don’t need to have somebody else to feel complete and actually enjoy having no strings attached,” Dakin says. Either way, women are more likely to experience fulfilling experiences with their boyfriends or husbands.