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Watch: DJ Zinhle under fire for saying South African youths are ‘unemployable’

African number 1 female DJ, reality TV star, and businesswoman, DJ Zinhle, has been criticized for her comments condemning the youth of South Africa as “unemployable.”

The entertainer and entrepreneur who owns the Era empire shared her views in an interview with Radio 702 last week.

Speaking to Relebogile Mabotja, DJ Zinhle discussed her various business ventures, including her popular Era accessories line and her failed Jiyane Atelier furniture collection, which she quietly closed down last year.

DJ Zinhle

She also revealed her major gripe: not being able to find adequate skilled labour to fill positions at her various Era branches around the country.

She said of her experiences: “One thing about South African youth is not just that they are unemployed, a lot of them are unemployable. They don’t have the skill that is required. It bugs me how long it takes for us to fill in positions at Era. In a country that has so much unemployment”.

She continued: “I haven’t had a PA for a long time. Because every time I find a PA, it doesn’t work out because maybe they just can’t keep up with me.

DJ Zinhle

When asked if she was able to provide the necessary skills to prospective employees, she said: “If I am running a corporation that is built on skills, I don’t have time to teach someone new….In terms of the number of students that are graduating each year, there has to be a better plan”.

DJ Zinhle also appealed to the government to assist her in providing skills training so that she could grow her business and employ more individuals.

On the X platform, many tweeps condemned DJ Zinhle for her comments and attitude as a business owner.

@Penelope_Makala: “I love Dj Zinhle, but I’m speaking as an HR person, and I believe any skill can be taught. Hire graduates and train them. We hire attitude and train for one to become skilled.STOP saying they’re unemployable !”

@yolie6069: “At least she has the privilege of having a business supported by the same unemployable youth. She should train them so that they can qualify for her stores.

@bozzie_t: “DJ Zinhle says millions of unemployed youth are not skilled enough to sit behind the counter and sell earrings and sunglasses.”

@tumeloditle: “In a country with unemployed medical doctors. DJ Zinhle says she can’t find skilled people to sell her Shein earrings and necklaces. What madness is that?”

With many criticising DJ Zinhle, others want to know – what qualifications does she have?

According to Forbes Africa, the mom-of-two has a BCom in Marketing from the University of Johannesburg. Impressively, Zinhle graduated top of her class.

She told the publication: “I knew that it was possible to put in the hard work and get good results. That gave me all the confidence I needed to take over the world. And that’s exactly what I did.”

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