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Sasko bakery driver killed in Delft shooting

Disturbing video footage of two bread delivery men gunned down by heartless thugs in Delft has gone viral. Three men came under attack last Thursday while they were sitting inside the bread truck on the corner of Symphony Way and Temprol in Suburban.

The men, in a white Isuzu bread truck with Sasko branding, were doing deliveries around 8am when they were ambushed by unknown gunmen. However, video footage captured by the truck’s dashboard camera has now surfaced and gone viral on social media.

SASKO driver

In the two-minute video that has no audio, the driver
wearing a blue top can be seen counting money while joking with his two colleagues.Just before handing a few notes to his colleague, the trio get a groot skrik as two black men appear from behind the truck and open both the driver and passenger doors.The three men can be seen surrendering as they are robbed of the money. Despite handing over the cash without a fight, the armed suspect fires several shots inside the truck.

The driver is shot in the face and the man in the passenger seat is shot several times in his upper body.

Clutching at his colleagues, it is believed that the man in the middle survived the ordeal.

Police spokesperson, Sergeant Bilqis Poole, says Delft detectives are investigating two counts of murder with no arrests yet.

Poole explains: “Delft police responded to a complaint of a shooting and upon arrival on the scene, they found the victims with gunshot wounds to their bodies in the vehicle they were driving.

“Both victims were declared deceased on the scene by medical personnel. The motive for the attack forms part of the police investigation. Cops could not confirm yesterday whether they were aware of the video.

Source: dailyvoice

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Gcinile Twala

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