Did you know about S.e.x magic?

If you were born in Africa, the word magic will be familiar, from popular Nigerian movie channel Africa Magic, to black magic which involves special doctors, broom pilots and floor X-rays.

But have you ever heard of s.e.x magic?

The concept was made popular by s.e.xologist Eva Clay, who shared how she made love to her partner on a bed full of money. She was living out her sexual fantasy by practising s.e.x magic.

Wikipedia says it is any type of sexual activity used in magical, ritualistic or religious and spiritual activities.

The concept can be traced back to the first millennium in central Asia and it is practised by Wiccans in pagan witchcraft, witches, neo-pagan believers and ceremonial magicians as s.e.xual exploration.

Those who practise s.e.x magic say there are a lot of positives to it.

“You have an intention, and you’re using orgasms or s.e.x as a tool to achieve that particular intention,” claimed Wiccan priestess Cat Cabral.

In a nutshell, s.e.x magic is a s.e.xual goal you want to achieve as a couple. The crazier the goal, the more magical it becomes.

-Daily Sun

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