All you need to know about the Dead Space remake

When EA announced it was remaking Dead Space, it wasn’t really clear what “remake” meant. Would the company be completely rebooting the beloved space horror series? Or would it be more like a remaster that upgraded the original’s 13-year-old graphics for the Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5, and modern PCs? Star Wars: Squadrons studio EA Motive offered a little bit more detail in interviews. But it was still hard to gauge what the remake was supposed to accomplish — since compared to remakes of ’90s games like System Shock, where designers are updating limited graphics and unfamiliar control schemes, Dead Space still feels eminently playable today.

Now, the Dead Space remake’s developers have helped fill in some of the gaps. Motive held a livestreamed Twitch session with members of the studio’s creative team, showing off extremely early footage demonstrating how the gameplay and level design could work. (We still don’t have a release date.) It confirmed a few things that will set the new game apart — but won’t necessarily transform it.

The original Dead Space starred engineer Isaac Clarke as a silent protagonist, but in the games since then, he’s been distinctively voiced by actor Gunner Wright. Today, Wright appeared on EA’s livestream to confirm that he’s coming back for the remake, too.

Wright’s return makes the Dead Space remake sound more like a retroactive continuation of the original series, not a total reimagining of the franchise. EA also clarified that apparently Isaac will follow the same rules for speaking as a polite Victorian child.
The Dead Space remake also aims to provide more depth to the characters around Isaac, including Nicole Brennan, the girlfriend that he spends the game looking for. As Campos-Oriola puts it, “we want to give you the means to actually look for her, and more than look for her, learn what happened to her during the outbreak.” That might imply that Dead Space’s remake will involve a little more active player agency than the highly linear original, or maybe it’s just acknowledging that the original storyline does seem to periodically forget Nicole exists.

All the details above are still fairly vague. Motive showed off the remake in ways that highlighted its unfinished-ness, like putting enemies on a stage of untextured blocks, and a lot of the changes were just discussed theoretically. And it remains frustrating to see a new Dead Space game after EA unceremoniously shut down the series’ original studio Visceral Games. But for now, at least it’s becoming easier to tell what the remake’s creators are aiming at — whether or not they pull it off.

Source: theverge

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