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Raising awareness & changing the world: David Mabuza on coronavirus

It is without a doubt that the current world order as we know it will be altered, hopefully for the better. There are the words of deputy president David Mabuza, who met traditional leaders to discuss responses to the Covid-19 pandemic on Tuesday. Mabuza said traditional leaders needed to further convey President Cyril Ramaphosa’s message as they are “leaders closest to the people”.

“The pandemic has caused so much global disruption and panic that has been swift and unrelenting. It is without a doubt that the current world order as we know it will be altered, hopefully for the better. While so far, most cases of infections have been mainly confined to urban areas, it is only a matter of time before the pandemic reaches rural areas.

“This is a pandemic that is highly infectious and has no borders, it is affecting young and old, black and white, poor and wealthy. The role of traditional leaders, as leaders closest to the people, is very important in assisting us to reverse the increase in new infections. Our engagements with traditional leaders form part of our outreach as government to mobilise support for the national effort to contain the outbreak of the coronavirus.

Deputy President David Mabuza

“We are counting on the leadership of Amakhosi to equally raise awareness in our communities about what quarantine entails and why it is necessary. The location of a quarantine centre or facility, whether in a village or city centre, does not mean the health of the community is being put at risk.

People with HIV and TB most vulnerable. Those of our people who are immunocompromised and in the main living with HIV and TB, are severely exposed and are most vulnerable to this pandemic. What is needed, over and above social distancing, is aggressive tactics such as strategic testing, tracing and isolation of contacts to curb the spread of Covid-19.

In other news – The role of SANDF during lockdown

The army will be deployed to support the South African Police Service to enforce the nationwide lockdown. President Cyril Ramaphhosa announced a 21-day nationwide lockdown from midnight on Thursday. Military analyst Helmoed Heitman said the role of SANDF members could vary, depending on the assistance needed by the police. They have been talking about closing down parts of the road network, to prevent people from moving much. For instance, the army could man vehicle checkpoints. Read more

Source: Timeslive

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