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H0rny couples cry out to government as there is no space for s.e.x inside crowded community hall

H0rny couples cry out to government as there is no space for s.e.x inside crowded community hall

After their houses kept on getting flooded they were moved to a crowded community hall.

And for now, their urgent need for dry accommodation has been taken care of.

But what about their urgent need to poke?!

It had become impossible for the 15 families to live in their dilapidated farmhouses any longer because the houses were flooding all the time.

The people were grateful to be moved into the community hall in Randgate in Randfontein, west of Joburg.

It was crowded but dry.

But now couples are complaining about the lack of privacy.

“We sleep on mattresses on the floor right next to other people,” said Masabata Kutwane.

“We’ll obviously disturb them if we have s.e.x,” said her partner, Andrew Molata (41).

“We have to respect the children as well so we don’t look immoral.

“There’s no privacy here. We bath, change clothes, and cook in the same space.”

Sangoma Bongiwe Vikilahle (53), who stays in the same hall, said she found it difficult to speak to her ancestors and perform rituals.

“We practise different religions and burning impepho might offend some of the people.

“So I can’t communicate properly with the ancestors.”

Funi Mphahlele said they were grateful the municipality gave them a safe place, but they wished the municipality could speed up the supply of the RDPs they were promised.

“We were going to get the houses on 12 February,” she said.

“We appeal to the municipality to allocate us the houses as soon as possible.”

Funi said living conditions were appalling.

She said the recent rain was too much, and their blankets couldn’t keep them dry while they were sleeping in the roof of the farmhouse.

“We use those very same blankets while we sleep here,” she said.

Rand West City municipal spokesman, Phillip Montshiwa, said he’d liaise with the relevant department.

-daily sun

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