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CRL Commission to probe killing of woman accused of witchcraft

Jostina Sangweni

The CRL Rights Commission will conduct its investigation into the killing of Jostina Sangweni, who died this week in the hospital.

The 58-year-old was set alight after being accused of witchcraft.

She suffered from a mental illness.

Prof Luka David Mosoma, CRL Rights Commission said you don’t take the law into your hands.

“The requirement is that, when such an environment happens, you call the police, call the neighbours to come and help you.

“Taking the law into your own hands and taking someone’s life in that way is barbaric. It’s not a demonstration of who we are in this day and age,” he said.

“She died for no apparent reason because this particular person did not think. The only thing in his mind was that this person is a witch. Therefore, this person should be burnt or killed, which is a very bad reaction.

I want to plead with all South Africans, we have many men and women who could be walking like mama Jostina Sangweni. Please, don’t kill them. They are suffering and they need help. Yours is to lend your help at this time when they need it.”

Source: eNCA

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