Comfort, style and shape have long been key features in the world of footwear. Converse, is all about solving problems for all types of athletes, so they’ve led that charge with their adaptable FlyEase tech.

Created by Tobie Hatfield, FlyEase is a fully hands-free entry-and-closure system, made to serve the needs of individuals who benefit from the increased accessibility of the line. In the seven years since it was introduced, FlyEase has morphed from sophisticated zip-and-strap assemblages that can be opened and closed with a single hand, to an advanced, springy heel system that requires no hands at all! It’s also become a fashion statement, as the striking technology it uses gives FlyEase-equipped sneakers a unique look.

Now, for the first time ever, FlyEase has made its way onto a Converse sneaker: the Chuck Taylor All Star CX FlyEase, a shoe that combines classic Chuck style with ultra-comfy CX foam and an accessible FlyEase fit.


On the Chuck Taylor All Star CX FlyEase, CX foam is loaded in the midsole from heel to toe, working with a PU leather sockliner to provide impeccable comfort! You can even see this foam in the heel, thanks to the midsole’s two-tone mix of translucent and opaque foxing tape.

The details: Converse Flyease CX

  • Elongated lip towards the rear
  • Cage that immediately snaps back up to its unfurled position, locking your heel in place
  • Hands-free fashion
  • Laces in the front
  • The tongue is fixed in place
  • Highly technical embellishments
Price Range: R1 699.00
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