#Uyajola99: He is my ‘Piece Job’ – Nkululeko caught red-handed in bed with another man

Sunday night’s episodes of Uyajola 9/9 brought some entertainment to the timeline on social media as viewers joined forces to discuss and laugh at the tumbling relationships the host and his team perfectly capture on a weekly basis.

The second episode of the reality television show shocked viewers as Ayanda’s partner was tracked down by the Uyajola 9/9 team and was found at her other lover’s home.

Upon arrival, Jub Jub found Ayanda’s partner half-dressed in her other boyfriend’s bed. Asked why she would cheat on Ayanda, she snapped at the host, saying that he speaks and whines just like a woman.

The episode was also bittersweet and somewhat annoying for some viewers with dreadlocks, after Jub Jub referred to Ayanda’s girlfriend’s lover – who has dreads – as “Rasta”.

“This trend is exactly why I cut my dreads after a certain length your name changes to Rasta. Some people don’t even want to know your name,” expressed a tweep.

After finding his girlfriend red-handed in the bed of another man, Ayanda shocked viewers by deciding to leave with his partner and return home with her.

Here are Twitter’s best reactions from Uyajola 9/9’s latest episode:


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