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MKMVA’s Carl Niehaus hits out at Zondo Commission over Jacob Zuma jail application

Carl Niehaus

MKMVA spokesperson and staunch ally of former President Jacob Zuma, Carl Niehaus, has yet again bashed the state capture commission, accusing it of trying to push the country over the brink.

His comments come after the commission, chaired by Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo, on Monday filed an application to the Constitutional Court asking for Zuma to be jailed for two years for being in contempt of the court.

The commission wants the apex court to hear its application on an urgent basis.

It said that Zuma’s failure to appear before it last week and to file affidavits as directed by the court were sufficient grounds for him to be found guilty of contempt of court.

Niehaus said that the MKMVA would fight to keep Zuma out of jail.

“We are really outraged by this rushed application to the Constitutional Court by Mr Justice Zondo. One asks oneself when he and the whole state capture commission have lost their minds? Are they really now hellbent to deepen the crisis that they have created?”


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