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How to save on car insurance in 2024

One of the best ways to keep your hard-earned cash in your back pocket is to save on car insurance in 2024. That’s right, Ernest North from Naked Insurance, says Janu-worry is the perfect time to review your car insurance.

To save on car insurance in 2024, people may be tempted to cancel insurance outright at the start of the year when their budgets are under pressure. But insurers will regard you as a higher risk client and charge you higher premiums if you have interruptions in your history of insurance coverage. Thus, it’s wise to maintain your cover to get the most attractive premiums.

SAVE ON CAR INSURANCE IN 2024If you have an older vehicle, you should still consider third-party liability cover, which is the most basic and affordable car insurance you can buy. From as little as R50 a month, it offers protection for everything that your car could damage while you are driving it, except for any damage caused to your own car.

One of the best ways to save on car insurance in 2024 is to limit your risk. If possible, ensure that your car is always parked behind a locked gate overnight. Or install a tracking device to increase the chances of recovery if it gets stolen.

An insurance excess is the amount of money you contribute towards a claim. You can consider increasing your excess if you want to reduce your monthly premium. Conversely, you can decrease your excess and increase your premium if you are worried about out-of-pocket costs if you have an accident. Find what works best for you.

Don’t claim for small dents and scratches. If you claim often, your premium might be reviewed and increased. If there’s a no-claims bonus on your policy, you’ll also lose it when you claim. It’s worth getting a quote for a repair after a minor ding to evaluate the cost. If the cost is comparable to or less than your excess, consider paying out-of-pocket to maintain a clean insurance record and stable premiums.

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