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Joy for Magoshas as business is back, thirsty Men having much fun


The unbanning of booze sales has put smiles on a lot of faces.
Magoshas are happy that their business is once again going to boom.

They said the more men drank, the more they needed their services.

Magoshas said they’d be plying their trade in hotels and sports bars as they’re now allowed to operate.

They said they make more money in hotels than on the streets, where they charged R50 instead of the R100 the comfort of bonking on a soft bed brings

“Although some hotels and sports bars operated under level 3, men didn’t demand our services much because there was no booze,” said a happy magosha.

Other magoshas told Daily Sun the streets were starting to become busy again.

“It’s 2pm and I’ve already seen three customers.”

Said a magosha who operates on the busy old Alberton Road.

She said she started working at about 9.30 am.

“We’re happy the ban on booze has been lifted – things are looking good,” she said.

She said she’s able to make at least R500 on a good day, but she still observes Covid-19 regulations.

“We wear masks and sanitize and insist our customers do the same,” she said.

Daily Sun spoke to some customers, who didn’t want to be photographed.

“We welcome the lifting of the ban on booze,” said one man.

“We’re now going to have fun with our ladies.”

Another customer said: “I mean, what’s a bar without booze and s.e.x?”

-Daily Sun

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