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Zodwa Wabantu in serious trouble after consulting Traditional Healers to fix her ex-boyfriend Vusi Buthelezi

Zodwa Wabantu has disrespected izangoma and the ancestors. This is according to angry sangoma Mtimande Ngwenya from Pomolong, Soweto.

“It was wrong of her to carry ishoba,” he said.

Zodwa is seen with four sangomas in a video.

She has ishoba in her hand and is swearing at her Ben 10, Vusi Buthelezi. Zodwa and Vusi recently had a nasty break-up.

Zodwa told Daily Sun she went to izangoma to sort out Vusi in the traditional way.

“Ungijwayela kabi loyo,” she said.

On seeing the video, izangoma felt Zodwa was being disrespectful and needed to apologise.

But Zodwa Wabantu, whose real name is Zodwa Libram, said izangoma should focus on their work.

“They should focus on healing people and not on me,” she said.
Sangoma Mtimande said Zodwa didn’t know what she was inviting into her life.

“She’ll think she’s bewitched when everything turns ugly for her,” said Mtimande.

“Ishoba is given to a sangoma at a certain stage. If you haven’t reached that stage, you don’t dare touch it.

“How much worse is it for an ordinary person who’s not even spiritual trained or connected.”

He said a sangoma doesn’t buy ishoba.

“A cow is slaughtered for you. Ishoba is made from a cow’s tail and made to protect and give you strength and connect you with your ancestors,” said Mtimande.

“When you give it to someone, you’re weakening yourself. And for someone to give it to you, it will be bad luck and even a curse.”

Sangoma Beauty Mabaso advised Zodwa to stop being stubborn and take their advice.

“She’ll wish she was dead when bad things start happening to her. She has to apologise,” she said.

“That’s the only way she’ll be forgiven by ancestors. Otherwise, a dark cloud is coming her way.”

Sangoma Maliyavuza Mtolo said she thinks just because she’s a celeb she can do as she pleases.

“That’s not how things work in our world. There’s no celebrity. Everyone is the same.

“We all respect the ancestors. If she doesn’t apologize by slaughtering a cow, she’ll regret the day she was born!”

Zodwa Wabantu shook her head and said: “Abaphume kimi.”

-Daily Sun

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