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Booysens residents face second night of uncertainty

Booysens fire

Thousands of desperate residents of a Johannesburg informal settlement that was razed to the ground on Friday, face a second night of uncertainty.

The City of Johannesburg’s preliminary investigations show over 760 shacks were destroyed by a runaway fire in Booysens.

The cause remains unknown. The fire started in the late afternoon on Friday. According to eyewitnesses, assisted by strong winds, the fire took less than half an hour to spread from one side of this informal settlement to the other. Those who could grab valuables did, but most lost everything.

The Community Developement MMC, Margaret Arnolds, says this is a tricky situation. Residents of the informal settlement people lived on what was a railway line and he suspects the vast majority are undocumented migrants. Resident, Chris Khumalo, who has lived here for several years, tried to rush back from work when he saw the smoke. His uniform, now his only clothes left.

NGOs have mobilised to do what they can to assist in feeding over 2000 people.

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