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#BonangMatheba Trending for Blocking Fans after E! People’s Choice Awards Nominations

Bonang Matheba

Bonang Matheba is Trending after E! People’s Choice Awards Nominations but it seems for the wrong reasons it seems. Bonang Matheba was nominated for the E! People’s Choice Awards and since then she is trending on Twitter.

Bonang Matheba

So like anyone else we decided to follow the trend and see what fans were saying about Bonang Matheba and her nomination. Seems Bonang blocked a lot of people according to the comments we are seeing on Twitter.


As others take to the polls to vote for Bonang, a lot of fans seem to have been blocked my Bonang for various reasons. As seen in the above tweet.

Does this mean Bonang is somehow the Queen of Blocking people? We are wondering what her reasons for blocking fans are?


But it’s not only blocking of fans that she is trending for, but some are also surely proud of her and her nominations. Some are declaring love for her and voting for her.


See a few more tweets below and be free to tell us if you are also blocked by Bonang.

Blocked by Bonang

Some provided their reasons for why they are not voting for Bonang Matheba…


Remember you can follow the trend on Twitter and maybe you will find more reasons to vote for Bonang.

Source – Twitter/News365

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