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Bomi Shinga – I hate lobola

“I hate lobola. A woman is reduced to nothing but merchandise that makes babies. For years feminist Bomi Shinga has been vocal about her hatred of the lobola practice.

Last week she spoke about her point of view on Moja Love TV’s Umphakathi, sparking a heated debate on social media.

Speaking to Daily Sun in Midrand in Joburg yesterday, she said: “I hate lobola. A woman is reduced to nothing but merchandise that makes babies.

“A husband has the right to ask for a refund if you have a factory fault such as an inability to bear children.”

Bomi Shinga

The feminist said African culture practices human trafficking.

“There’s money involved and a whole human being is treated like property. She is expected to do certain duties based on the fact that she was paid for,” she said.

But cultural expert Nonkosi Khabazela said Bomi has misunderstood the practice.

“It’s a way for the groom’s family to thank the bride’s family for giving them a makoti,” he said.

On the Daily Sun website, some people agreed with Bomi while others disagreed.

  • Kathy Smit said: “It’s not human trafficking if the woman gives consent and wants to marry the man. It would be human trafficking if her family asked for lobola in exchange for the woman and she didn’t want him.”
  • Tshepo Tlotleng said: “Lobola should be left alone. However, it should be whatever the groom can afford.”
  • Mpumelelo Sibiya said: “I don’t think it’s human trafficking. Parents should be reasonable when charging for lobola.”
  • Clement Matlala said: “Lobola is part of a patriarchal system. It’s hypocritical to talk about gender equality while practising a practice that is only facilitated by men to discuss a woman as a commodity.”
  • Sonny Kaburise said: “These days it’s used as extortion and the bride’s family demands huge sums.”

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Musician and feminist Simphiwe Dana has issued a public apology over hurtful and insulting comments she leveled against popular polygamist and Mnakwethu host, Musa Mseleku, when she disagreed strongly with the show’s take on polygamy.

Simphiwe Dana

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Source: Daily Sun