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Mistakes everyone is making on WhatsApp

Mistakes everyone is making on WhatsApp. With over two billion global users, not everyone is clued up with all the nitty-gritty of the revolutionary instant messaging application. There are a handful of WhatsApp mistakes you are making. Knowingly or unknowingly.

Only those living under a rock can attest to the fact that they do know what WhatsApp is. iHarare’s 94-year-old grandma has WhatsApp albeit the fact that she is a legend at blue ticking and will reply you after three days!!

While it seems like just another chat app, it has truly turned into a full-fledged social media platform in itself. From sharing status messages to group chats and calls, WhatsApp has everything you need.

However, if you’re not careful, you could unwittingly share personal details with strangers. Here are a few guidelines to take note of.

WhatsApp mistakes you are making

Regularly clean up your contact list. Delete redundant contacts.

One thing we are all mostly guilty of is our ability to keep contacts stored despite the fact that we last chatted with them during the Mxit era. It’s very important to clean your contact list and delete phone numbers of people you are no longer in contact with. Perhaps even block a few, if you feel that would suffice.

There’s really no reason why your wedding steps partner from 15 years ago or your first primary school crush whom you haven’t spoken to in decades should be on your contact list. This is one of the worst Whatsapp mistakes you are making.

Another WhatsApp mistake we are making is in over-sharing!!! It’s a good idea to keep a simple profile photo and refrain from revealing too much information about your family members, especially your children and grandchildren.

Your WhatsApp profile photo can be seen by everyone on your contact list unless you change it in your security and privacy settings. The following security settings are available:

Everyone (all WhatsApp users), My Contacts (people on your contact list)Nobody (not even your contacts will see it). Unfortunately, you can’t hide your profile from selected contacts. Another Whatsapp mistake we are making is the inability to activate two-factor authorisation.

This will prevent you from being a victim of SIM swap fraud. Also, it will not allow others to set up your WhatsApp account on another phone by stealing the OTP from you.

Go to Settings and add Two-Step Verification to prevent someone else from locking you out of your account and use your WhatsApp account on another device without your knowledge. Status updates are another Whatsapp mistake we are making. One needs to restrict who sees your status.

Status messages are private and are meant to be shared with your friends, family members and definitely not that landlord from ten years ago. Be sure to use the privacy settings properly to filter out unnecessary people from seeing your status messages.

Everyone who is on Whatsapp is in some form of Whatsapp group. Especially that group that you can not leave. There is a major Whatsapp mistake we are making especially in groups.

There’s an option to restrict who can add you to group messages. Your options are:  Everyone – anyone on WhatsApp can add you to group contacts – only people on your contact list can add you to groups contacts except – this option lets you select who can add you to a group

Source – iHarare

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