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Simphiwe Dana drags Mnakwethu and Musa Mseleku

Popular reality show Mnakwethu has been slammed by viewers for its blatant disrespect towards women. It has been labelled ‘sexist’ and ‘humiliating’ for women and completely disregards women’s feelings.

Simphiwe Dana

After the first episode, many people especially women were up in arms and took to social media to express their rage. Men too shared the same sentiments and some have agreed to report the show.

However for some, the show continues to have that surprising element every episode, leaving viewers wondering what ‘will happen next?’ Many are left enthused by the audacity men carry in disrespecting their wives on national television. Perhaps that is why the show is raking in the numbers as its viewership increases.

Simphiwe Dana

Simphiwe Dana has lashed out at Musa Mseleku who is the presenter of the show. – her use of profanity also showed how frustrated she is and she did not mince her words.

Musa Mseleku

Dana explains that she is not against polygamy. As a village girl she understands the practice very well but the one being broadcast on national television is not it. “It’s greed, pure and simple,” she wrote.

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