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Mulalo Lilly: They call me Black Barbie: Pictures

Actress Mulalo Lilly Ndou says if she had the chance to speak to the class of June 16, 1976, she would go on her knees and say thank you a million times. June 16 humbles and takes me back to my roots. It reminds me that the freedom I have today has cost lives and how I use it shows my appreciation and how grateful I am.Mulalo Lilly

I’m here today with the knowledge and freedom I have because they paid the ultimate price and their blood paved the way for us today,” she said.

Mulalo Lilly

Ndou said although the foundations were laid in 1976, more still needs to be done to completely liberate today’s generation of young people.

Mulalo Lilly

“We still have to pay a lot of money just to get a tertiary education and by the time we finish university we are already in hugely indebted.

So, even when or rather if I get a job a big chunk of my salary has to pay for the loans I begged for when I was still in varsity. We will, for a long time, work from hand to mouth and because of that, we can never be completely free,” Ndou said.