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Here is the best time you can have s.e.x


They say time waits for no man, and time is often of the essence. Simply put, time is money and one can never appreciate its value unless they subscribe to its currency.

In the s.e.xual context, time plays an integral part.

From the duration of foreplay to the endurance of the s.e.xual activity.

Time is always critically judged when it comes to the s.e.xual experience.

Speaking about time, have you ever asked yourself when the ideal time to have s.e.x is?

I mean, what exact time is s.e.x o’clock?

According to hormone expert Alisa Vitti, the best time of day to get busy is right around 3 pm.

According to a Men’s Health report, that’s the time when men and women are most in sync.

While men may perform best physically in the early to mid-morning due to a testosterone boost, they hit an estrogenic peak later in the afternoon, which makes them more emotionally attuned to their partners.

Women experience a peak in cortisol levels right around them, which helps boost energy and alertness.

If 3 pm doesn’t work for you, there has also been evidence to suggest that the morning is the right time.

One study of 1 000 people conducted by Forza Supplements found that the best time to have s.e.x is about 7.30am, about 45 minutes after the optimal time to wake up to achieve a perfectly tuned-up body clock.

Researchers concluded that morning s.e.x unleashes endorphins that lower blood pressure and reduce stress, setting you up for having a nice day.

Simply put, timing is everything during s.e.x.

-daily sun

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