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Babalwa Mneno set to lose her R1 million car

South African supermodel, beauty queen, and reality show star, Babalwa Mneno may have to give up her R1 million Range Rover after she reportedly failed to make the monthly payments.

A local publication reports Standard Bank was granted a court judgement to take back Babalwa Mneno’s Range Rover Sport last week. This was because she allegedly failed to make her monthly instalments since 2020.

The media personality reportedly could not finance the R1.5 million loan she took from the bank in 2017 to purchase the vehicle. She was expected to make R20 035 monthly repayments towards the loan.

The publication reports – an application brought by Standard Bank before the Pretoria High Court says that Babalwa is in arrears of R81 345 as of February 2020.

“The defendant was required to remedy her breach of the agreement by making payment of the arrears and all overdue amounts under the agreement to the plaintiff,” read the court document according to the publication.

“Should the defendant fail to remedy her breach of the agreement and pay the arrears, the plaintiff will be entitled to, inter alia, cancel the agreement and recover from the defendant in terms of the agreement the total amounts owing under the agreement,” continued the documents.

Balawa was reportedly aware that her car was in arrears but ignored the letter sent to her. So, they then proceeded with legal measures to repossess the vehicle. The media personality said she was affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. So, she made much less money than she did previously.

“The defendant has further entered into settlement negotiations with the plaintiff, which settlement negotiations are currently ongoing,” her response to that application reads.

“The novel Covid-19 pandemic and the regulations that were imposed to mitigate the spread of the virus and the effect the same had on the global and domestic economy,” she continued.

However, Standard Bank reportedly claimed that he effects of the pandemic did not take away her responsibility to pay back her loan. The media personality is believed to still be in possession of the vehicle and the loan amounts to R928 608, excluding accumulated interest.

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