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Video: Security Guard hides from heavily armed robbers at ATM – South Africans react

South Africans were left divided after a video showing a security guard hiding behind a pillar as heavily armed robbers pounced a local ATM went viral.

Little is known about the location but one can tell it’s somewhere in South Africa. Well, we can all agree that Life is greater than anything money can afford and the guard did what’s best for him. However, his actions have left Mzansi divided and many weighed into the matter with their two cents.

In the video, the guard was seen ignoring gun-toting robbers at an ATM. While many believe the security official was correct to ignore the robbery, citing some valid reasons, others have questioned the move to station guards at ATMs in the first place. However several users indicated that security officers are paid peanuts and cannot take risks with their lives.

From the video one can quickly point out that the card was scared. The visibly scared guard decided to take cover rather than fighting back the marauding robbers.

The guard took cover behind a pillar at the shopping centre where bank ATMs are situated. Dressed in full uniform, the security guard decided to take cover and protect his life instead of guarding the robbery victim against gun-toting robbers.

The video which has since gone viral was first shared on Twitter. In the wake of the viral video, Mzansi weighed into the comment section. Here are some of the tweets and comments that flooded the comment section.

@FaizelPatel said: “What’s he supposed to do? The criminals clearly have automatic weapons, he doesn’t stand a chance. Had he intervened he would probably have been dead by now. Question is, should bank security be armed? What can a security guard with no weapons do? He’s just a sitting duck.”

@InfluencerWanna is puzzled on the man’s duties: “Is he there for security reasons or just to assist people struggling to draw or deposit money? Perhaps someone should clarify that for us.”

@Welcome_1818 said he would have done the same thing but run: “I would do the same. At least he walked away, I would run.”

@Elias64688260 said: “(You) can’t save thousands of Rands while being paid R4 800, big up to the officer.”

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